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Focusing on Stringent Quality Policies and Customer Satisf action

Aflag Pure Drinking Water Factory L.L.C. is founded by Mr. Mohammed Tannaf Almenhali in 2015. The company’s headquartered at Mussafah, Abu Dhabi. Aflag thrived on its way to redefine the mineral water market by focusing on stringent quality policies and customer satisfaction. For the last 1 year, the company helped thousands of families to drink real mineral water and continues its successful journey with our satisfied customers. Today, Aflag is striving to help families around the globe with our proficient team and world-class facilities.

A flag is the manufacturer of purified mineral water. The Company is specialized in 5-gallon bottle market. Now, the company has an operation in the Abu Dhabi market and preparing far expansion nationally and internationally. Aflag is well known for quality management. As we built our successful history, we are looking far a healthier future…

Message from the chairman

Our vision is to “Create a healthier tomorrow” for the global community

Mr. MohammedTannaf Almenhali
Chairman & Founder

Aflag has great miles to go. We live for a great destiny, our community. We wish them to lead a better life. We know the fact that the journey to our destiny is hard. But, we see a big picture, a big horizon for us.

Today, we are on the path of growth with breakthrough innovations in our products and service. And, we are looking ahead to find out new ways to meet our customer expectations around the globe.

Mission – goals – culture


  • Be the world’s premier mineral water company.
  • Be the world’s premier mineral water company.
  • To be a good corporate citizen, we strive for honesty, fairness, and integrity in everything we do.
  • Weare partnered with our employees, customers, and suppliers to build a sustainable business serve water at its highest form of purity to our valuable customers to make them healthy and enthusiastic.
  • Make the company as #1 employer brand.

Goals & Values

  • At Aflag, Our enthusiastic team is committed to building a sustainable business that ensures financial! sustainability while making the company as a good corporate citizen.
  • We are committed to the global community to make them lead a healthy life. To address social and environmental issues, we find innovative ways to optimize the use of power, energy, & water. We continuously search for social welfare organizations to help community to live a better life.

Our Culture

  • At Aflag, we are a team with mutual respect, empathy, and self-motivation. We together strive to create a healthier future for the community and the planet earth.
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