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In every stage and every bottle.

We are a team of hard-working, dedicated, enthusiastic, determined and honest professionals who have expertise in this industry.
Our analysts, technicians, chemists and management professionals together strive to assure safety and quality in every stage and every bottle. More importantly, our sales teams are keen on keeping high-quality service to our prestigious customers.


Each bottle is filled with
A healthy combination of minerals

Aflag manufacturing units are located in the Industrial city of Abu Dhabi. The plant accommodates Reverse Osmosis (RO) Treatment plant, Ozone mixing Pump. Aflag modern Reverse Osmosis plant and ozone generator ensure the product is absolutely free from bacteria and chlorine, in conformance with WHO standards. Furthermore, each bottle is filled with a healthy mixture of minerals. Since we need our premium customers to live a healthy life ahead.

Mineral Composition


Minerals MG/L
PH 70.1
TDS 97-100
Hardness 60
Calcium 14
Mg 5.98
Sulfate 23
Chloride 16.5
Bicarbonates 30
Chlorine Nil
Sodium 4

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